Who we are

The PEI Partnership for Growth (PFG) is comprised of business organizations and industry associations, who have come together with a shared vision for our economic future. We invite all political parties to support this unprecedented private sector alignment on this vision and commit to working with the private sector to establish an economic action plan that will help realize this vision and move the Island’s economy forward.

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Let's Be Bold

The Partnership for Growth wants to hear from you. Click here to suggest action items to help shape the future of the economy.

Vision Statement:

P.E.I. is a leader in entrepreneurship and sustainable economic growth — attracting technology, capital, and human resources in an economy designed to help businesses succeed.

We are the highest performing economy in Canada.

These six key priorities further outline our vision for the future:


  • Islanders remain in P.E.I. and other Canadians move to P.E.I. because they have the skills and recognize the opportunities available here.
  • P.E.I. is a preferred destination for immigrants—a place where they can prosper and integrate into the community.


  • Businesses want to set up their operations in P.E.I. because of the competitive business environment—P.E.I. is “open for business.”

Innovation, Capital & Investment

  • P.E.I. is generating and attracting entrepreneurs, capital, investment, and new technologies—driving recognition of the quality of its innovation ecosystem.


  • Strategic investment in private and public infrastructure supports economic and social objectives.
  • High-speed internet is readily available across the province.


  • There is alignment and coordination among private sector businesses, academic and research agencies, and government partners on economic strategy and priorities. Government is aligned with the private sector.

Quality of Life

  • As a result of superior economic performance, P.E.I. is recognized nationally as a leader in the following: quality of life and place; healthcare; education—early-childhood, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary; and environmental stewardship.

Join The Partnership For Growth

Achieving this vision will take a collaborative effort from the private sector, governments, and other stakeholders. Have your business included among the growing list of organizations in support of the Partnership for Growth.

The Ask

We are calling on all political parties, as part of their campaign platform, to commit to working with the private sector to establish an economic action plan that will help realize this vision and move the Island’s economy forward. This plan should:

  • be developed in partnership with the private sector.
  • align with the key priorities identified by the Partnership.
  • engage each sector group in creating a plan for their future.
  • be completed within the first 6 months of being in government.
  • set clear targets that are monitored and reported on annually.

Each party leader was asked to respond to the five key areas of commitment, below are their submissions as received.

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